The videos on this page are produced by friends and we thank them for their permission to use them here. The first few were produced under our previous name of Ashgate Calling.

Our latest videos were made at Steph’s party at the Phoenix Suite, Chesterfield, in February 2022:

The video below shows the band at the Friends Meeting House in Chesterfield – thanks again to Colin Harrison for all his hard work

The following three vids were taken a while ago now when we used to go under the name of Ashgate Calling.

Egan’s Polka at The Neptune Beer Emporium, Chesterfield, in early 2016.

A fun video of us and our followers at the Three Merry Lads in Cutthorpe, Chesterfield, created by our friend Colin Harrison.

The Kid on The Mountain again. This time at The Crispin, Chesterfield, in early 2015.