About the Band

We are Jig for a Kiss, an eight-piece band from Chesterfield playing our own arrangements of music from the folk tradition. With six voices and about twenty instruments we’ll bring you songs and tunes from England, Scotland, Ireland, France and America – jigs, slip jigs, and reels; schottisches and polkas; slow airs; a hint of Kletzmer, ska, and swing; and songs about love, crime, hardship and beer.

Not Christmas

Relaxed pre-gig at Remarkable Hare

Jig for a Kiss have been playing on the folk scene in and around Chesterfield for about 5 years, venturing as far afield as Stocksbridge, Doncaster, Mansfield, Kilburn and Matlock. We’ve done a great number of pub gigs and ceilidhs. We’ve played on the Sheffield Folk Train, supported Anthony John Clarke & Dave Pegg and Blair Dunlop at the Chesterfield Folk Club, performed at the Chesterfield Canal Festival and warmed up the crowd for the Handlebards.